“How can I tell how much gas is in my tank?”

Open the lid and you’ll see a gauge that reads 5%- 80%. 80% is considered full.  If you have a 25 gal/100# tank there is no gauge. Our 50 gal or 200#, 125 gal or 420#, 250 gal, 325 or 320 gal, 500 gal, 1000 gal tanks will have gauges.  (We will not automatically deliver unless your gauge reads 60% or less.)

“How do I read my gauge?”

Lift the lid on your tank and find the gauge. The needle will point to what percent your tank is at. Remember 80% is full. You should call when your tank is around 30% depending on how quickly you use gas.


tank gauges

tank is out——————-tank is full—————-tank is at 26%—————tank is at 74%—————tank is at 5%
red zone is when you should call

“What size tank do I have?”

We have many different size tanks, feel free to call the office and ask what size you have.

“How many gallons does my tank hold?”

If you have a 25 gal/100# tank there is no gauge.

50gal or 200# = 47.2 gallons when at 80% full

125 gal or 420# = 100gallons when at 80% full

250gal = 200 gallons when 80% full

325/320gal = 260 gallons when 80% full

500 gal = 400 gallons when 80% full

1000 gal = 800 gallons when 80% full

“Is it normal to hear a hissing sound from my tank?”

This sound could be the regulator working or the relief valve.  On hot, sunny days propane tanks are subject to excess pressure due to expanding liquid within the tank. The safety relief valve may open slightly allowing excess pressure to vent. The relief valve is doing what it is designed to do. If you smell propane give the office a call and we will send a service technician to inspect it.

“Why do I have to have a leak test?”

Leak tests are required any time there is an interruption of service (meaning the flow of gas was stopped for any reason). A leak test is simply testing the integrity of the system plumbing joints and the seal of the pipe joint compound. It will indicate any leaks within the propane piping system due to interruption of service or out of gas situation. Any indication of a gas leak or low pressure, the gas can not be turned on until the necessary repairs have been made.  Out of Propane = Mandatory Leak Test. It may not be convenient but it is the law.